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Most people unfortunately neglect to check their tyres for wear and correct it before it’s too late costing them both time and money, this can make your van un-roadworthy, cause accidents and a real hassle especially if you away on holidays or travelling full time.

After many years of experience I have found most tyre wear is caused by axle misalignment not “camber” wear and it is very unusual to need to “bend” and axle to correct any tyre wear issues.

Due to the extreme forces placed upon your caravan’s suspension your axles will flex with every movement, this is what they are designed to do but not having them aligned correctly under the van can amplify any misalignment and cause both premature and unsafe tyre wear as well as reducing your fuel economy over the long haul.

As it is very difficult to measure your van with a traditional alignment machine Towtek has developed a system that can accurately measure the alignment, I can assess what is required to fix it and in most cases I can correct tyre wear issues without major cost, we only align caravans and trailers so we understand how they are designed to work and carry out corrections that are needed to ensure you get the maximum for your money.

What we call an alignment is often referred to as a triangulation in the caravan industry, I provide a comprehensive alignment service for your caravan or trailer and as part of that service I inspect, measure and provide a full report on the before and after measurements, as well as the condition of your axles (conditions apply) so you can travel with confidence and peace of mind.

We can do this independently or as part of a general service so don’t spend money relacing or bending your axles before having Towtek check and align them for you!

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